▸Ceiling and wall mounting options

▸5 Original Designs

▸10 Hand Painted Finishes

▸Commission art that is size & site specific

▸Medium & color palette specific

▸Mood boards encouraged

▸LUCITE LiTTLE’s (small works on lucite)

▸Large pieces on canvas & lucite

▸Available For Purchase

Apr 10 14-41-19 copy

▸Easy to Install

▸Update Current Cabinet Hardware

▸Transform drawer looks


Today, we all want to be seen as individuals. The space we inhabit is a direct reflection of that ideal. As a decorative artist for over a decade, creating custom paint finishes for designers, builders, and homeowners has become second nature. Through the years, one idea remains constant: the details of a home are just as important as the furniture that fills your space.
Hi, I’m Summer. I’m an artist and entrepreneur. Beginning 20 years ago as a decorative painter, I utilize my extensive product knowledge and effects of layered color on canvas and lucite. Today, my inspiration to create is constantly evolving. Every discovery is forming a foundation for what lies ahead, using processes from the knowledge I have gained as an artist. 
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