STANDOUT Creative Design is focused on the reinterpretation of the traditional ceiling medallion. The STANDOUT medallion is a design accessory that can be displayed on a ceiling or wall.  The decorative motif stands 1” away from the attached surface. The STANDOUT is offered in five unique styles, each having 2-3 size options.  Vintage brass, faux bois, distressed silver and faux tortoise are just a few of the 12 finish options available.  The larger size medallions can also be pre wired with LED capabilities upon request. Each hand painted piece can be displayed on a ceiling with a chandelier, as an object of interest on a gallery wall, or even paired with a simple wall sconce.   Versatile and unique, the STANDOUT offers a fresh interpretation of a classis design element.


Drum Under the Stars

Custom STANDOUT Medallion

The ceiling, often called the fifth wall, can be overlooked when planning the design of a room.  Creating interest on the ceiling can be the finishing touch to a well designed space.  Utilizing the fifth wall is also a smart option in an open concept space. It allows for drama that doesn't compete with the other areas in eye shot.  Standout Medallion is the new and exciting way to inject interest and character to a space.  It truly does "stand-out" two inches from the ceiling.  The multi-dimensional medallion is a fresh take on the old flush mount circle medallions of the past. The Standout Medallion realizes the untapped potential of the fifth wall, making your space a Standout.

*patent pending